Showing young people why manufacturing is cool

By Plant Engineering Staff March 21, 2007

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers has developed a new Website, Manufacturing is Cool, to provide young people with an inside look at how and why a career in educations is fulfilling and profitable.

“If we are going to inspire enough young people to pursue careers in engineering in the coming decades, we have to show our kids how fascinating math and science can be,“ said Glen Pearson, president of the SME Education Foundation, which developed the site. “With this Website, we’re showing kids all the cool things they could do if they pursue a career in manufacturing.”

Manufacturing is Cool provides an inside look at how kid favorites — such as snacks, fashion, cars and cell phones — are designed and produced by engineers. It also features video clips of peers creating radio-controlled air planes and building computers at the Science, Technology & Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) programs.

Parents, teachers and students also can use the Manufacturing Is Cool Web site as a resource for information on the Foundation, such as its available grants and scholarships. The site contains links to information on STEPS programs, which are now offered in 14 states with more than 50 total programs.