High power limiters for electrical applications

Coaxial high power RF wave limiters for electrical industries such as instrumentation, fiber optic communication systems, and point-to-point radio.

By Fairview Microwave August 20, 2015

High power RF wave limiters protect RF receivers and LNAs that are in close proximity to high power signals. These limiters are suited for applications such as: electronic welfare, instrumentation, fiber optic communication systems, radar, SATCOM, point-to-point radio, telecom, and R&D. The limiters have seven limiter designs featuring limiting thresholds between 3 to 10 dBm and low leakage power of 10 to 15 dBm. They operate over broad frequencies ranging from 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz, can handle up to 200 Watts peak power, and have fast recovery times of 10 to 100 nanoseconds.

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