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Mechanical & Electrical July 5, 2016

Line of flexible waveguides

Flexible waveguides operating 40 GHz over nine bands help fix common alignment issues in waveguide systems.

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Electrical, Power April 15, 2016

Digital programmable attenuators

Digitally controlled programmable attenuators are commonly used in electronic warfare, military and space communication systems, radar and test and measurement applications.

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Electrical, Power February 9, 2016

Electromechanical switches for demanding applications

Single Pole Double Throw RF electromechanical switches that cover broadband frequencies from DC to 8 GHz and are ideal in demanding industries and applications.

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Material Handling October 20, 2015

Power combiners operating up to 6 GHz

RF Power combiners are ideal for systems using components such as power amplifiers, antenna feeds, attenuators, and switches for combining individual power amplifiers together in a large power block.

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Wireless October 13, 2015

Miniature cable assemblies

The UMCX, WMCX and HMCX32 coaxial cables with snap-on connectors provide operation from DC to 6 GHz and are ideal for use in wireless communications systems.

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Mechanical & Electrical September 22, 2015

Right-angle cable assemblies

Sixteen low profile, right angle, high performance flexible cable assemblies are designed for Type-N, TNC, and SMA cables and cover frequency ranges to 26.6 GHz.

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Electrical, Power August 20, 2015

High power limiters for electrical applications

Coaxial high power RF wave limiters for electrical industries such as instrumentation, fiber optic communication systems, and point-to-point radio.

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