2017 Engineering Leader Under 40: Preston Pond, 38

Process Engineer, Dennis Group, Salt Lake City

By CFE Media September 14, 2017

Preston Pond, 38

Process Engineer, Dennis Group, Salt Lake City

BS Chemical Engineering, University of Utah

Dairy processing seems to be a highly specific and restricting specialization, yet Preston enjoys its challenges and opportunities. After graduating from the University of Utah, he has worked with just about every imaginable variation of milk and its derivatives. Despite following strict regulations, the dairy industry needs to be responsive and adaptable, and Preston enjoys taking on the challenge of innovation in a highly regulated industry. In one of his proudest achievements, Preston took on the project of doubling the size of a plant in just 8 months with a team of only three. Not only did they succeed, the expansion required no shutdowns. Preston designed and implemented the project, and, along with his team, brought the facility on board to produce a million more pounds of milk daily. However, don’t put Preston in a lactose-filled box, he recently completed process engineering for Dennis Group’s first soap project. Outside of milk and soap, Preston loves to enjoy the nature of Salt Lake City, where he resides. 

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