2016 Engineering Leader Under 40: Luis Navas, 33

Project Leader, Emerson Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Erin Dunne, CFE Media September 15, 2016

Luis Navas, 33
Project Leader; Emerson Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
BS Electronic Engineering, Universidad Santo Tomás

Navas is an ISA electronic engineer, with skills and experience on project execution and management, personnel management, and analysis to find the best solutions, troubleshooting issues under pressure. Navas has knowledge in oil & gas, pulp & paper, chemical industries, control and industrial instrumentation, ergonomic design of control centers, industrial IT process control systems, SCADA systems, Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Fieldbus, and OPC connectivity. He is a Certified Automation Professional. Outside of work, Navas enjoys spending time with his family and is a board member of the Regina Martyrum church where he participates in charity work and takes classes to be a catechist.