Product of the Year winners


The 2005 PLANT ENGINEERING Product of the Year winners were announced Monday, March 20 at a black-tie dinner in Rosemont, Il, site of the 2006 National Manufacturing Week.

There were 48 winners announced in 16 categories at the dinner, which


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Grand Award
Machine Vibration Basics
The computer based training program on machine vibration basics covers the physical basis for vibration monitoring, vibration analysis through identification of discrete frequencies and clarifies why most anti-friction bearings fail prematurely and how failures can be eliminated. The training is interactive and downloadable, making it more cost effective than seminar attendance. New Standard Institute :


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Gold Awards
Compressed Air
Cooper Compression
Turbo Air 2020 Centrifugal Air Compressor

Turbo Air 2020 centrifugal air compressor offers big performance in a compact package. It provides oil-free, reliable, efficient operation and ease of maintenance in a two-stage 250 to 400 hp air compressor. It brings lower maintenance costs with greater efficiency and all the advantages of oil-free compressed air. Units are easy to install. There is no air end replacement or disassembly, just simple filter changes. Cooper Compression :
Construction, Buildings, & Grounds
TE 706-AVR Breaker

TE 706-AVR breaker offers high chiseling performance and reduced fatigue. It features a state-of-the-art brushless SR-motor and an active vibration system. The lightweight breaker takes the effort out of chiseling when working on walls or floors. The unit requires no carbon brush replacement, so intervals between servicing are longer. Control electronics provide high motor power during voltage fluctuations. Hilti, Inc. :
Control Equipment
Stealth Computer
VU-HB High Brightness LCD Monitor

StealthVU-HB series high-brightness LCD monitors are designed for high ambient light conditions. Monitors operate in direct or indirect sunlight. Features include stainless steel NEMA 4/IP66 enclosure for operation in harsh environments, plug & play capable, high resolution and a variety of touch screen options, including resistive, capacitive and surface acoustic wave. Stealth Computer Corp. :
Electric Motors, Drives, & Controls
Schneider Electric
Altivar 71 Variable Speed AC Drive

Altivar 71 variable speed ac drive is designed for constant torque using 3-phase motors up to 700 hp. Dual microprocessors and motor control algorithms provide torque performance and speed regulation. Features include plain-text display with navigation wheel, quick-start menu with macros, common user interface, fieldbus/network connectivity, thermal and environmental protection and expandable I/O. Schneider Electric :
Electrical Power
Fluke Corporation
Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer

Model 434 three-phase handheld power quality analyzer features automated recording, menu-driven interface and is rated to CAT III, 1,000 V/CAT IV, 600 V for all four channels. Measurements include true-RMS voltage and current, frequency, power, power consumption, unbalance and flicker. It also captures transients, interruptions, sags and swells. Users can view stored data while recording. Fluke Corp. :
Environment, Safety, & Health
New Pig Corporation
PIG Spillblocker Vacuum Dike

The Pig Spillblocker Vacuum Dike attaches to a wet vacuum to create a floor-hugging barrier that contains liquids and speeds liquid recovers. When the vacuum is turned on, the Dike's four intakes and integrated vacuum channels suck up the liquid more quickly than the traditional vacuum head. It is ideal for fast spill containment and removal. New Pig Corporation :
Fluid Handling
Titan Piping
CoPro Copper Pipe System

CoPro push-to-connect copper pipe system teams high performance with unique functionality. The system offers simple, one-step installation with the flexibility to easily remove and reuse fittings. While installed, the fittings can be rotated without damaging the seal or pipe. The fittings work with copper, stainless steel, CPVC and PEX making them ideal for hot and coldwater service. Titan Piping Co. :
General & Maintenance Software
Maintenance Connection, Inc.
Maintenance Connection Mobile

The Maintenance Connection Mobile allows maintenance technicians to use wireless devices to view work order assignments and take action on them. Technicians can also create new work orders in real time and look up information on the work history of a particular asset. A Bluetooth barcode scanner allows for identification of all assets. Maintenance Connection Inc. :
Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning
MovinCool/Denso Sales California, Inc .
Office Pro 36 Spot Cooler

Office Pro 36 delivers 36,000 Btu/hr of cooling for up to 2,400 square feet Features include low temperature operation, which provides a cool environment for heat-sensitive equipment; an AFCI plug, a safety feature that protects against electrical arcing; and programmable controls for automatic operation. An optional Plug-N-Play pump can be installed to eliminate the need to manually drain the condensation tan. MovinCool/DENSO Sales California, Inc. :
HotShot Thermography Camera

HotShot infrared thermography camera is designed specifically for industrial inspection of high-voltage electrical systems, production machinery and buildings. Features include an articulating thermal camera head, ergonomic design integrated data logger functionality, icon-based user interface, 3.5-inch LCD touch screen with on-screen control buttons, Compact Flash accessory port, USB port and active synchronization. Electrophysics :
Day-Brite Lighting
APEX Luminaire

APEX fluorescent low-bay luminaire is an energy saving replacement for 400W metal halide luminaires. It features 4, 80-W long twin-tube fluorescent lamps, designed with separate lamp and ballast components for maximum performance. Other features include instant on, multilevel switching for lighting control, dimming option, 90% lumen maintenance and 55 C ambient temperature rating. Day-Brite Lighting :
Maintenance Products

Rust-Reformer instantly converts rust into a non-rusting barrier in one easy step. It stops existing and future corrosion and is perfect for minimal surface preparation projects. The coating dries to a hard, flat black finish that can be top-coated with oil or latex paint. The convenient aerosol-propelled coating outperforms alkyd primers and other rust converters. Rust-Oleum Corp. :
Maintenance Tools & Equipment
Spectronics Corporation
Optimax Jr. Cordless Leak Detection Flashlight

Spectroline Optimax Jr. is a leak detection flashlight that reveals refrigerant leaks in cramped areas inaccessible to larger lamps. It is 7 Spectronics Corp. :
Material Handling
New Pig Corporation
PIG Under-Rack Containment Tray

The Pig Under-Rack Containment Tray keeps floors dry by capturing drips and leaks underneath pallet racking. The tray is 2 New Pig Corporation :
Power Transmission
Emerson Power Transmission
Sealmaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearing

Sealmaster PN Gold mounted bearings feature a high phosphorus, electroless nickel coated steel insert and a patented, multiple lip high performance seal that extends bearing life. These bearings were specifically engineered for industries with corrosive washdown environments. An exclusive pin and dimple system provides a direct lubrication path and Emerson Power Transmission :
Training Products
Ramsay Corporation
Drafter (CAD Operator) Test

Drafter, CAD Operator is a 30-question paper and pencil test which includes sections on Print Reading and CAD. The test takes 30 minutes to administer in its multiple-choice format. The results help employers choose the best candidate for the CAD operator position. Ramsay Corp. :


Grand Award | Gold Awards | Silver | Bronze
Compressed Air
Atlas Copco Compressors Inc.
GN Series Dual Output Air Compressor

GN range of dual output air compressors generate nitrogen and compressed air simultaneously. 4 kW, 7 kW and 18 kW units are available with several levels of nitrogen output for each unit. Nitrogen flow starts at 0.6 cfm and goes up to 18 cfm with a purity of 95%. The dual output compressor system uses a screw compressor, tank mounted, an integrated refrigerant dryer and filters and a membrane that passes nitrogen. Atlas Copco Compressors Inc. :
Construction, Buildings, & Grounds
Frommelt Products Corporation
Survivor Dock Shelter

Survivor dock shelter features an innovative, impactable side frame design specifically engineered to eliminate costly damage that often occurs when semi-trailers make contact with loading dock shelters. Virtually indestructible Neotec, high molecular weight polyethylene, side frames allow these shelters to be struck by trailers from any angle without suffering permanent damage. Frommelt Products Corp. :
Control Equipment
Burkert Contromatic Corp.
Type 8041 Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter

Type 8041 electromagnetic flow transmitter is designed to operate as a transmitter and/or on/off control. It is able to function at high temperatures and pressures, and is compatible with pipe diameters from Burkert :
Electric Motors, Drives, & Controls
GE Fanuc Automation
PACSystems DSM324i Motion Controller

PACSystems DSM324i motion controller features a fiber-optic interface, improved speed and torque range, smaller size, low inertia, tight integration with the flexible PAC control platform and incremental or absolute positioning feedback. Fiber optic interface increases the distance between servo nodes to up to 100 meters while improving electrical noise immunity and reducing wiring costs. GE Fanuc Automation :
Electrical Power
General Electric
Low Voltage Switchgear Remote Racking Device

Low Voltage Switchgear Remote Racking Device allows users to rack circuit breakers in and out from up to 30 feet away, drastically reducing the potential for an arc flash injury. The electric motor is operated using 115 Vac via plug-in power cord. The gearbox is easily attached to the front of the circuit breaker with a sliding latch connection. Unit is available as retrofit or option with LV switchgear. General Electric :
Environment, Safety, & Health
PowerFlare Corp.
PowerFlare Safety Light

The PowerFlare PF-200 safety light is compact at just 4 inches, but emits 360 degrees of bright LED light visible for up to 10 miles. It is waterproof and unbreakable. It features lithium batteries that allow a shelf-life of up to 10 years and can work in extreme temperatures. PowerFlare :
Fluid Handling
Nvent LLC
PermaLynx Permanent Push-to-Connect System

PermaLynx permanent push-to-connect piping system includes valves and fittings. Flame-free installation means no noxious fumes that can pollute the working environment. Installers can align joints fast and rotate them before pressurization. After pressure is introduced, the system stiffens and prevents rotation. No drying is needed on startups, minimizing down time. Nvent :
General & Maintenance Software
Peak Industrial Solutions, LLC
Plant Engineering Tools Suite

The Plant Engineering Tools Suite gives engineers the ability to solve problems quickly with a wide array of solution-based applications. The suite gives plant engineers the ability to create their own equations for future implementation. The 400 programs are compatible with desktop, Palm and Windows CE applications. PEAK Industrial Solutions LLC :
Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning
Roberts-Gordon, LLC
Vantage Modulating Infrared Heater

Vantage Modulating heater is the first infrared fully modulating heater. It provides increased fuel efficiency by modulation, resulting in optimum combustion throughout the full range of burner inputs. The heater has comprehensive onboard diagnostics for fault and system status to provide information and ease of service. Burner modulation can be automatic or manual to suit the application. Roberts-Gordon LLC :
Timken Company, The
StatusCheck Condition Monitoring System

StatusCheck intrinsically safe condition monitoring system is designed to detect excessive levels of temperature and vibration in bearings, gears or machine elements that could lead to overheating and breakdown of critical equipment. The wireless product measures ambient temperature, has two-axis vibration detection, does not interfere with machine operation and comes with customizable software. The Timken Co. :
Philips Lighting Company
Long Life T12 Fluorescent Lamp

Long Life 34-W T12 fluorescent lamp is a new version of the 34-W T12 fluorescent tube. Lamp offers 20% more life than previous 34WT12 lamps, which could translate into one additional year of lamp life, which reduces maintenance costs significantly. The lamp provides a retrofit solution that operates on existing ballasts and maintains reduced mercury content. Philips Lighting Co. :
Maintenance Products
Dissipater Mfg./ITW Delpro
Dissipater Battery Vent Cap

Dissipater battery vent cap solves many maintenance problems. A patented design dissipates heat and returns water to the battery during charging. Overflow protection holds expanded acid during recharging, eliminating over-watering. A built-in eye indicates the electrolyte level in every cell. A patented filtration system reduces harmful gases by filtering odors and creating a healthy environment. Dissipater Mfg./ITW Delpro :
Maintenance Tools & Equipment
Ludeca, Inc.
Rotalign Ultra Laser Alignment System

Rotalign Ultra features a backlit color screen and keyboard ideal for any working condition, day or night. Intuitive navigation guides the user to align a simple pump/motor or up to 14 machines. The unit offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity for interfacing with printers and PCs. A patented single beam technology has a 5-axis, 2-plane sensor and built-in position detector. Ludeca, Inc. :
Material Handling
STR-4000 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint

The STR-4000 Dok-Lok improves safety and productivity by stabilizing the dock trainer in both vertical and horizontal directions. The STR-4000's rotating hook wraps up and over the trailer's rear impact guard to minimize accidents due to unexpected trailer separation and tip-over. It is automatically positioned by the truck as it approaches the dock. Rite-Hite Corporation :
Power Transmission
Vestil Manufacturing Corporation
Wire-D Caddy

Wire-D is a wire and spool rack that holds spools of wire and has an optional hand truck for easy transport. The rack is of all steel construction and has 20 Vestil Mfg. Corp. :
Training Products
Ergonomics Poster Series

Nineteen new ergonomics posters launched to provide straightforward and accurate visual reminders of issues and solutions for improving workplace ergonomics. They reinforce an organization's ergonomics activities and promote any company initiatives. The posters are offered in two series: the Awareness poster line or the Art poster line. Humantech Inc. :


Grand Award | Gold Awards | Silver | Bronze
Compressed Air
Gorbel Inc.
Soft Touch Penumatic Control Handle

Soft Touch Pneumatic Control Handles can be used with any air actuated end effector. These handles are a direct replacement for any standard pneumatic handles. They are engineered for easy use, reducing the potential for fatigue and repetitive stress injuries and require less than 1.5 pounds of depression force. The design uses spool valves instead of poppet valves. Gorbel, Inc. :
Construction, Buildings, & Grounds
Vestil Manufacturing Corporation
Removable Ornamental Steel Bollard

Model BOL-OR-40 is a functional, ornamental steel barrier to vehicle access and parking. It locks into a galvanized steel socket that is cemented into the ground. When the bollard is removed, a socket cover protects the hole, leaving no protrusion above the surface. The unit has a usable height of 40 inches, a diameter of 5 Vestil Mfg. Corp. :
Control Equipment
Schneider Electric
Twido Nano Controller with Bluetooth Wireless Gateway

Twido nano PLC with Bluetooth wireless gateway can be programmed through either Bluetooth wireless or Ethernet. This allows wireless control up to 30 feet from PLC and the capability to monitor diagnostics and troubleshoot using a PDA, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting for plant personnel. Features include four high-density analog I/O expansion modules and enhanced processor with embedded real-time clock. Schneider Electric :
Electric Motors, Drives, & Controls
TB Woods Incorporated
E-trAC X4 AC Drive

E-trAC X4 variable speed ac drive features an IP66-rated enclosure that exceeds NEMA 1, 12 and 4x standards. The drive is available in 1%%MDASSML%%10 hp models, and voltages that include 115, 230, 460 and 575 Vac. Features include wireless IR programming via PDA; startup macros; extra relays, inputs and outputs; fault tolerance; 120% overload for one minute; and 150% momentary overload. TB Wood's Inc. :
Electrical Power
Gen Set with ACERT Technology

Gen Set with ACERT Technology is designed for standby and load management applications. The generator set meets EPA Tier 2 requirements, delivers improved fuel efficiency and higher power density in a smaller footprint. Available in 60 Hz and 50-Hz models, the C32 clean diesel generator set is powered by a 32-liter, 12-cylinder, "V" configured engine with electronic fuel injection. Caterpillar :
Environment, Safety, & Health
Scientific Technologies, Inc.
OptoShield OS3100 Laser Light Safety Scanner

The OS 3100 OptoShield is an advanced safety laser scanner. It uses laser light to sense an intrusion into a guarded area. It can be configured for multiple irregularly-shaped hazardous areas for use in guarding work cells, transfer lines, robot stations or automated guided vehicles. Scientific Technologies Inc. :
Fluid Handling
MedHesives, Inc.
Field Service Tech Rapid Repair Kit

Field Service Tech Rapid Repair Kit provides facilities maintenance and field service technicians with a valuable tool for time critical pipe and tank repairs. Kits are based on an innovative cure-on-command resin technology developed from Department of Defense funded research associated with underwater resin systems. The kit contains the elements for completing repairs under harsh conditions of temperature and moisture. MedHesives, Inc. :
General & Maintenance Software
GE Fanuc Automation
Proficy Change Management Ver. 5.0

The Proficy Change Management Version 5.0 is an upgrade on the plant-wide automation management and control software that allows users to increase productivity and flexibility while also meeting regulatory requirements. Capabilities include security, version control, audit trails, central storage and automated backup and recovery. GE Fanuc Automation :
Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning
Goodway Technologies Corp.
CoilPro Cleaner

CC-120 CoilPro is the solution for coil cleaning operations. Many coil cleaner chemicals can damage coils or create noxious fumes. The unit operates on ac power or an integrated, rechargeable battery. Features include durable stainless steel wands, flexible extensions to clean hard-to-reach places, four nozzles to match the application, an integral water tank to eliminate hoses and an integral soap container. Goodway Technologies Corp., HVAC Maintenance Group :
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
SureTest Circuit Tracer

SureTest circuit tracer enables electricians to locate fuses and circuit breakers; pinpoint breaks in wires and shorts to ground; trace wiring concealed behind walls, floors and ceilings, as well as cables buried up to 15 feet underground. Features include variable pitch audible indication; peak detecting bar graph; four-mode operation; and capability to test both energized and de-energized circuits. Ideal Industries, Inc. :
Venture Lighting International
MP Halide Lamp

MP 350W Natural White quartz metal halide lamp is designed for use with the high frequency electronic ballast. It features 90+ CRI and a color temperature of 5,000 K. Designed for applications where continuous deep dimming is desired, lamps can be dimmed down to 35% of lamp power when operated with approved electronic ballasts. Lamp features 90% lumen maintenance. Venture Lighting International :
Maintenance Products
Sherwin-Williams Company, The
Hydrogloss Waterbased Urethane

Hydrogloss single component, water-based urethane delivers VOC compliance and performance comparable to a two-component water-based urethane but with the ease of application available only in a one-component system. Formulated to provide a high gloss finish with outstanding interior and exterior color and gloss retention, it also resists yellowing. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed with no additives. The Sherwin-Williams Co. :
Maintenance Tools & Equipment
Stanley Proto
Blackhawk Rotator Ratchet

Blackhawk Rotator Ratchet looks and works like a standard ratchet and requires only a 6-degree arc swing. The tool is unique because it offers an alternative way to work. Twisting the handle causes a set of internal gears to engage to turn the socket. The handle will rotate 360 degrees in either direction and turn the socket in the same direction no matter which way it is twisted. This is ideal for tight places. Stanley-Proto :
Material Handling
Eriez Magnetics
PolyMag Plastic Separator

The PolyMag process for magnetic sorting infuses the plastic resin with high-concentration pellets during the manufacturing process. After granulation, magnetic separators are used to sort various types and/or colors of plastics. The quantity of the magnetic additive does not affect the physical properties of the plastic. Eriez Magnetics :
Power Transmission
Mill-right Family of Elastomer Materials

MILL-RIGHT contact oil seals offer breakthrough wear, abrasion and chemical resistance over and above anything available on the market. In comparison with existing seals, these offer an improvement in wear life up to 90% which can easily double, triple or quadruple their useful life. More useful seal life means costly bearings last longer; machines run longer and need less maintenance. Klozure Dynamic Seals, Oil Seals Div. :
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