Material Handling

Figure 1: Pairs of forklift loaded bulk bag dischargers feed raw graphite into tubular cable and flexible screw conveyors which transport it to silos and the milling process. Courtesy: Flexicon
Material Handling August 10, 2023

Bulk handling system cuts dust, improves accuracy at graphite plant

A graphite and carbon processing plant used a bulk bag filling specialist to reduce dust and other particles escaping in their Netherlands facility

By David Boger
Figure 3: Safety should always be the top priority, and personal protective equipment like goggles should be worn. Courtesy: Spiroflow
Material Handling August 3, 2023

Best practices to overcome bulk solids material handling challenges

There are several different types of bulk solids material handling equipment available; learn tips and tricks here

By Andy Forrester
Material Handling June 29, 2023

Enhancing storage and retrieval machines for materials handling systems

Automated and flexible materials handling systems can help high-bay warehouses become more useful when it comes to handling and storage space.

By Michael Lippert
Material Handling June 13, 2023

Five ways ergonomic material handling equipment reduces workplace injuries

Investing in proper ergonomic equipment can help reduce the strain on workers’ bodies and prevent injuries.

By Matilda Odell
Material Handling March 28, 2023

How logistics can simplify automation processes and operations management

ProMat’s return after a four-year absence showed a greater emphasis on robotics and how logistics improvements can make automation better in manufacturing facilities.

By Chris Vavra
Material Handling March 13, 2023

Manufacturing orders down almost 20% in January

January manufacturing orders dropped almost 20% from the same period in 2022, but general industry growth is still expected in 2023.

By Christopher Chidzik
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated/Steve Rourke, CFE Media and Technology
Material Handling February 28, 2023

Equipment leasing increases in January

Overall new business volume for January was $8.8 billion, up 6% year-over-year from new business volume in January 2022.

Material Handling January 31, 2023

Smart conveyance market expanding and maturing

The smart conveyance market is small and growing compared to traditional conveyor systems, but manufacturers are taking notice and several big names are entering the market, according to Interact Analysis.

By Tim Dawson
Material Handling December 8, 2022

Engineering excellence achieved with digital weighing technology

Quality finished products begin before raw materials are ever combined

By Mu Gang and Martin Brown
Material handling equipment.
Material Handling May 10, 2022

Five tips for preventing material handling injuries

Improving material handling can reduce costs associated with workplace injuries and labor turnover.

By Luke Goodwin