Series 423 M16 Connectors

March 1, 2022

binder USA announced a new short version of its popular series 423 M16 connector. These compact shieldable cable plugs and sockets, each with cable clamp, are available in 10 solder and 5 crimp male and female versions to suit various pin counts. They are ideal for applications where space is tight and IP67-level protection is required, such as sensor and actuator technology, test and measurement, automation and industrial controls, and process technology.Solder versions are designed for maximum wire gauges of 0.75 mm2 or AWG 18 (2 to 8 pins), and 0.25 mm2 or AWG 24 (12 to 19 pins). Rated voltages are 32 V or 150 V, depending on the pin count, with rated impulse voltages 500 V or 1.500 V, respectively. Rated currents at 40 °C range from 3 A to 7 A. All solder products are equipped with brass contacts as well as bronze sockets and are specified for a temperature range from -30 °C to +95 °C.Crimp products are designed for wire gauges of 0.14 to 1.0 mm2 or AWG 26 to AWG 18 (4 to 6 pins), and for 0.14 to 0.75 mm2 or AWG 26 to AWG 20 (7 to 8 pins). Rated voltages are 32 V or 150 V, with rated impulse voltages are 500 V or 1500 V,and the rated currents are 5 A or 6 A, respectively. The temperature range extends from -40 °C to +100 °C.

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