Sanipit 24 GR CB

April 3, 2024

SFA Saniflo has announced the launch of its Sanipit 24 GR CB pre-assembled, one horse-power, grinder pump system. Like its recently introduced counterpart for retrofit applications, the Sanipit 24 GR, the new Sanipit 24 GR CB provides the most reliable and hassle-free grinder pump kit on the market — but now contained within a heavy-duty, HDPE basin that measures 24 inches in diameter and 24 inches in depth. As before, the Sanipit 24 GR CB is fully packaged and pre-assembled with a built-in 1 HP grinder motor, air-pressure mechanism, and an external control and alarm system. With easy access to all major internal components, including the motor, grinder blade, and pressure switches, the Sanipit 24 GR CB is a no-brainer for sewage ejector installations in new residential and commercial projects.

Key features:

  • Fail-proof, air-pressure switch system with triple redundancy

  • “White-glove” servicing:

  • Powerful, built-in 1-horsepower motor, equipped with stainless steel grinder blade that can handle larger residential and commercial applications.

  • Easy access to all major internal components, including motor, grinder blade, and pressure switches for convenient inspection/replacement.

  • Pumping distance up to 25 vertical feet or/or 328 horizontal feet; maximum shutoff head is 33 feet.

  • Discharge rate at 3 ft is 68 GPM

  • Wall-mounted external control panel

  • Visual/audible alarm.

For more information on this product visit New Products For Engineers.