CPVS PM 40-50 Variable Speed Compressors with iPM Motor

July 21, 2022

Your air compressor powers a significant part of your daily operation. You simply can’t afford an air system that doesn’t work for you. Chicago Pneumatic’s brand-new CPVS (40-50) PM delivers the reliable and cost-efficient performance that will give you that necessary peace of mind. Thanks to the CPVS (40-50) PM’s iPM technology, you can expect unrivaled energy savings in a compact and quiet package. The Chicago Pneumatic CPVS 40-50 PM compressor will be the undemanding, yet powerful heart of your compressor room for years to come.


Energy takes up more than 70% of the cost of owning and operating a compressor. Chicago Pneumatic’s iPM technology was developed to give you significant energy savings. While traditional compressors only have one speed (100% on), iPM compressors adjust their motor speed to follow the fluctuating air demand that most production environments have. As a result, the CPVS (40-50) PM delivers up to 45% energy savings. That means you can earn back your choice for the CPVS (40-50) PM in just one to two years. How’s that for a financial no-brainer?

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