100% solid-state polymer electrolytes for non-flammable batteries

February 15, 2024

Solid-state polymer electrolytes developed by Nuvvon as a safe alternative to liquid electrolytes in the manufacture of non-flammable batteries are UL certified to DOT standard SP20798. This allows Nuvvon prototype cells to be approved as safe for global air shipment.  To gain certification, Nuvvon solid-state pouch cells passed independent abuse testing by UL that included overcharge and over discharge cycling.

Nuvvon solid polymer electrolytes address challenges of liquid electrolytes used in lithium-ion batteries that can explode when overheated or overcharged.  Lithium-ion batteries have issues with thermal runaway associated with chemical reactions, smoke, fire and explosions. Their liquid composition can burn out gas.

Nuvvon’s solid polymer electrolytes enable the development of highly stable and safe batteries. Void of ionic liquids associated with liquid electrolytes, the polymer electrolytes are completely dry so they are not at risk of catching fire or exploding under high temperature or pressure. They also possess a large thermal window and do not have thermal runaway.

Based on these characteristics and more, Nuvvon’s unique polymer technology meets the need for a safer energy storage technology as the basis for stable cell designs used in solid-state batteries for a variety of markets including electric vehicles, portable electronics and micro-grid storage. To learn more about Nuvvon’s unique solid polymer electrolyte technology, visit Technology – Nuvvon  

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