Future 30

Future 30

Young people are finding their way to manufacturing, and are finding success. Plant Engineering’s Future 30 program is a year-long series highlighting the future manufacturing leaders and why they are optimistic about their future.

The 2010 Future 30 nominees highlighted all have one thing in common: They have only one thing in common.

For example, they’re all graduates of major university engineering programs. Except that many of them have come in through the community college ranks, or through the military.

They’re all focused on plant floor manufacturing operations. Except that they’re also focused on supply chain, safety, logistics and all of the other disciplines that contribute to a successful manufacturing operation.

They’re all Rust Belt workers doing traditional manufacturing in the footsteps of their fathers. Except that some have come to the professional through examinations of their skill sets and the potential manufacturing holds to enhance and grow those skill sets.

And, they’re all men. Except that many of them are women.

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