Vibhoosh Gupta

Vibhoosh Gupta is a portfolio leader for Emerson’s Machine Automation Solutions business unit and manages its portfolio of control system, operator interface, industrial PC, and Industrial IOT software and hardware products for industrial automation.


Figure 1: End users should understand certain hardware, virtualization, and software implementation details to guarantee that an edge controller will provide the required robust and secure performance.
Virtualization February 15, 2022

Will the real edge controller please stand up?

Understand and evaluate industrial edge controllers’ makeup to meet rugged, deterministic control demands

By Vibhoosh Gupta
Automation controllers must be selected to match the application needs, but designers want solutions that will also support current and future IIoT connectivity requirements.
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 December 28, 2021

Automation designers select hardware, software from portfolio of coordinated products

Automation designers develop IIoT-ready automation solutions of all sizes

By Vibhoosh Gupta
PLCs, PACs January 7, 2020

Modern controllers ease upgrades

Legacy industrial automation systems must eventually be ripped and replaced or upgraded. See four challenges and five benefits of upgrades using modern controllers.

By Vibhoosh Gupta
Virtualization December 4, 2019

Industrial virtualization heads to the plant floor

End users are comfortable with virtualization in their information technology (IT) server rooms and desktops, and many similar benefits now can be realized with industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and programmable automation controllers (PACs).

By Vibhoosh Gupta
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