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Mechanical & Electrical May 1, 2019

TMC 8 series by Phoenix Contact

These UL 489-listed circuit breakers provide required fundamental branch circuit protection.

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Safety & PPE August 13, 2016

Signal conditioner series

Phoenix Contact's MACX Analog family has added two-way, input-loop-powered isolators that have up to SIL 3 functional safety data.

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Automation, Controls August 8, 2016

Programmable circuit breaker for hazardous locations

Phoenix Contact's circuit breaker multichannel (CBM) is a programmable circuit breaker that is designed for use in hazardous locations such as oil refineries, offshore platforms, and wastewater treatment facilities.

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System Integration January 15, 2016

Modular test device for surge products

The Checkmaster 2 modular test devices checks protective elements such as spark gaps, gas-filled sure arresters, voltage-dependent resistors, and suppressor diodes in a single test cycle.

By Phoenix Contact
PLCs, PACs September 3, 2015

HMI panel for communication protocols

TP30000 series HMI panel that consumes less energy and produces less heat to support various communication protocols.

By Phoenix Contact
System Integration August 15, 2015

Security routers with integrated switch

The RS4004 and RS2005 Security routers have network switch capabilities to simply Ethernet networks.

By Phoenix Contact
Supply Chain May 14, 2015

High-density fuse terminal blocks

These double-level fuse terminal blocks incorporate reliable screw connection in a 6.2-mm pitch.

By Phoenix Contact
Mechanical & Electrical January 12, 2015

Terminal blocks for hazardous locations

Phoenix Contact’s line of screw-clamp terminal blocks—the UT 4-MT-EX, UT 4-TG-EX, and UT 6-TG-EX—have pluggable fuse and knife disconnect terminal blocks and are designed for control applications throughout the process industry, especially in oil and gas applications.

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Machinery and Equipment March 6, 2023

clipx WIRE assist

Control cabinet and panel builders can increase wire processing productivity and quality with the new clipx WIRE assist system from Phoenix Contact. The customizable system includes a software program and an optional, adjustable workbench with a variety of accessories. The clipx WIRE assist software increases wire processing productivity and improves consistency. The software controls the wire cutting and labeling devices, guiding the user through clear onscreen instructions on a laptop or touchscreen.

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Mechanical & Electrical September 26, 2022

Heatsink solutions for ICS electronics housings

Phoenix Contact has increased the breadth and depth of its popular Industrial Case System (ICS) housing family to include both customizable passive heatsinks and heatsink fillers. Advanced components combined with tighter spaces have put increasing thermal demands on electronic housings. New heatsink solutions from Phoenix Contact now allow design engineers to choose from a wide range of thermal management solutions to keep their components from over-heating.

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Mechanical & Electrical May 23, 2022

Battery pole and busbar connectors

New battery pole and busbar connectors make it safer for workers to install energy storage systems (ESS). Both types of connectors from Phoenix Contact are touch-proof and pluggable, with ratings up to 1,500 V DC and 350 A. While most of today’s ESS do not require 1,500 V capability, these high-voltage connectors will meet future demands.

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