Top 5 Plant Engineering articles August 8-14: Four causes of water hammer damage, managing air quality, IR inspections, more

Articles about four causes of water hammer damage, managing air quality, IR inspections, CMMS benefits and functions, and Big Data were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, August 8-14. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Erin Dunne August 15, 2016

Plant Engineering top 5 most read articles from August 8-14, covered four causes of water hammer damage, managing air quality,  IR inspections, CMMS benefits and functions, and Big Data. Link to each article below. 

1. Four causes of water hammer, and how to prevent damage

Water hammer is not only a system issue; it is primarily a safety issue. Understanding the naturee and severity of water hammer in a steam and condensate system will plants to avoid the safety issue and destructive forces. 

2. How to manage air quality to improve worker health, product quality 

Given the range of potential problems, i-plant dust/particles are a dangerous issue that simply cannot be ignored. Any company engaged in a process handling or particulate generating operation will benefit form proper control practices. 

3. IR inspections help spot energy loss 

Part 1 of 3: Because of the many facets of IR scans, this is the first of a three-part series which sheds light on an important part of a predictive maintenance program. 

4. Not just for maintenance: How CMMS benefits other functions

By incorporating your quality and engineering teams into an advanced CMMS, you can enable better communication, increased productivity, and improved efficiency across your enterprise. Part 1 of a series. 

5. Big Data shouldn’t be too big to manage 

By automating the Big Data analysis, ranking asset needs by priority, and generating actionable plans, asset performance management (APM) programs can help plant operators identify emerging trends and take immediate action to mitigate any risk of failure. 

This list was developed using CFE Media’s web analytics for stories viewed on, August 8-14, for articles published within the last two months. 

Erin Dunne, production coordinator, CFE Media,