Symbol Technologies files intellectual property lawsuit

By Plant Engineering Staff July 5, 2006

Symbol Technologies, Inc . announced it has filed a lawsuit against Harvard Battery, Inc. and Global Technology Systems, Inc. d/b/a Honeywell Batteries for copyright, design patent and utility patent violations. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, alleges both companies are selling batteries that infringe Symbol’s intellectual property.

In the complaint, Symbol is seeking an injunction to prevent further sales of infringing batteries, as well as monetary damages.

“We would have preferred to reach a business resolution to these issues, but the companies were unwilling to fairly compensate Symbol for use of our intellectual property,” said Aaron Bernstein, Symbol deputy general counsel and vice president of intellectual property. “Symbol has a long-standing reputation in the industries it serves for providing customers high-quality technology and products, and protecting that reputation is important. We also have an obligation to our shareholders to obtain a reasonable return on our research and development efforts and not permit unlawful use of our intellectual property.”

Symbol Technologies, Inc . provides products and solutions that capture, move and manage information in real time to and from the point of business activity. These include advanced data capture products, RFID technology, mobile computing platforms, wireless infrastructure, mobility software and world-class services programs.