Suite release: Labor management goes paperless

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff October 6, 2008

Labor management solutions supplier CIMx offers Interax v6.2, a paperless manufacturing software upgrade. New features include Multiple Piece Data Collection (MPDC) and automated Labor Tracking.
MPDC allows users to replace error-prone paper check sheets with an electronic table automatically created by the software, while Automated Labor Tracking eliminates the need for users to manually record labor time.
Beginning with Interax v6.2, all product releases will be available through Web site download. By allowing customers to receive all materials via the Internet, CIMx actively participates in the global need to conserve resources as much as possible.
“This is an exciting time for CIMx,” says CIMx President Kristin McLane. “We just passed our 12th anniversary and are still growing and evolving. By delivering our product via the Internet, we are actively promoting a paperless environment for the customer, which is our main objective,”