SCADA platform with expanded device connectivity

Emerson Process Management's OpenEnterprise v3 SCADA platform has expanded device connectivity for communication protocols to help the operation and management of large installations of RTUs and flow computers.

August 27, 2014

Emerson’s OpenEnterprise v3 comes with the Action Engine technology, which offers an intelligent automation engine that does not require programming or scripting to manage complex sequential control. The Action Engine’s application development and change management tools enable users to commission the system quickly and make automation changes. OpenEnterprise v3 is a source for real-time data for both operational and business users, providing unified messages. The template-based design of the software simplifies the process of building the SCADA database.

OpenEnterprise v3 has flexible system architectures that are needed for geographically remote locations. It supports a distributed communication middleware that allows clustering of remote radio towers into a single consolidated centralized server. The WirelessHart instrumentation network and the distributed RTU network are integrated, which is designed to make remote oil and gas operations are more secure. OpenEnterprise v3 is not licensed by tag count and consists of scalable software tiers that are fit for applications ranging from local metering to mega intelligent oil field automation projects that require thousands of wells to be automated. 


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