Plant Engineering most-viewed content, June 2024

Read the best content in June 2024 including: Product of the Year winners, asset management and maintenance and mitigating arc flash strategies and more.

By Chris Vavra July 2, 2024
Courtesy: TradeSafe

The top 10 Plant Engineering most-viewed content online in June 2024 posted over the last three months covered Product of the Year winners, asset management and maintenance and mitigating arc flash strategies and more. Catch up with a link to each article below.

1. 2024 Plant Engineering Product of the Year winners announced

The best products of the past year as selected by Plant Engineering subscribers.

2. How asset management makes the maintenance and operations journey easier

An effective asset management plan improves maintenance practices, reduces costs and makes the journey much easier for maintenance and manufacturing professionals.

3. How predictive maintenance can change industrial automation and reliability

Companies looking to take their automation game to the next level also need solutions that can help them maximize efficiency and address maintenance concerns before they happen.

4. Electrical safety: Mitigating arc flash hazard strategies

Arc flash incidents pose a significant risk in electrical environments, leading to severe injuries and equipment damage and it’s important to know the critical measures for preventing them from happening.

5. How manufacturers utilize asset management and AI tools for better results

Asset management is a critical aspect for manufacturers and it helps turn data into actionable information that can change operations.

6. Fundamentals for a robust plant fall protection program

A brief overview of establishing and maintaining a robust fall protection program for facilities, plants, warehouses, job sites and more.

7. Predictive or preventive maintenance: Which strategy is right for you?

Learn to blend predictive and preventive maintenance practices to achieve the right business balance.

8. Back to basics: How to reduce electrical hazards in industrial workplaces

Electrical safety in industrial workplaces begins with awareness of potential electrical hazards and the strategies that are available to mitigate them.

9. Benefits of unlocking AI-powered maintenance for manufacturers

The rise of AI-powered CMMS presents an urgent opportunity for organizations to adopt fully digital solutions, but it needs reliable data capture of yesterday’s actions to fully realize its potential.

10. Research shows PPE, safety as top challenges for manufacturers

A recent research summary on PPE and fall protection purchasing behavior and future innovations shows trends, challenges and innovations.

Author Bio: Chris Vavra is senior editor for WTWH Media LLC.