Open O&M a forum for automation groups

Five associations to share knowledge and work on projects -- but won't set standards
By Plant Engineering Staff October 9, 2007

ISA, MIMOSA, the OPC Foundation, the Open Applications Group Inc., and WBF have established OpenO&M, a cooperative forum where members can work together to solve automation challenges through standardization and harmonization of industry guidelines.

Open O&M flowchart diagram
OpenO&M is designed, according to a press release, to

“OpenO&M is not a new or separate standards body, and it is not an organization for the arbitration of technical questions,” said MIMOSA president Alan Johnston. “Instead, it’s a forum where organizations can come together to work on projects that benefit the industry,”

The principal organizations will work together to reconcile differences, duplications, and inconsistencies in standards.and implementation technologies to manufacturing companies and their suppliers.

OpenO&M will be administered by a steering committee, composed of one representative from each of the principal organizations.