New Year’s projections for ERP

IIoT brings much-needed transparency into the enterprise.

By Bob Vavra December 29, 2017

One key area is how ERP will connect with the larger Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in 2018.

“IIoT combined with ERP methodology gives manufacturers the ability to leverage data for faster decision making from actionable intelligence and creates a significant competitive advantage,” Ultra Consultants wrote in their blog in December. “Machine-to-machine data sharing is fostering tremendous changes in manufacturing as enterprises adopt new technology. The IIoT leads the trends we’re seeing relating to ERP in 2018.”

Enterprise resource planning is further down the list for some manufacturers as they evaluate IIoT, but perhaps it shouldn’t be. As Ultra notes, “By expanding data availability and improving accuracy, the IIoT brings much-needed transparency into the enterprise.”

And when that doesn’t happen? Ultra has some thoughts on that in an earlier Plant Engineering story.

Bob Vavra is the content manager for Plant Engineering.

Author Bio: Bob is the Content Manager for Plant Engineering.