How all-in-one automation platforms simplify machine building and increase design flexibility

Some typical automation challenges are addressed by having one throat to choke

By CFE Media October 10, 2022
Courtesy: SEW Eurodrive

The advice of a 30-year automation industry veteran is simple. In today’s automation projects, the benefits of using a single source for automation components, control architecture and software are many, including increased flexibility; simplified, time-saving machine design; and a wider range of available, compatible drive technology.

Dan Sage is a business development manager for drives and automation with SEW-EURODRIVE USA. On October 20, during the Fall 2022 session of CFE Media’s Virtual Training Week, will speak on the topic of “How all-in-one automation platforms simplify machine building and increase design flexibility.”

As Sage relates, typical challenges in machine design include compatibility and integration issues associated with electronic controls, drives and software sourced from a variety of vendors. Using a single source for machine automation design can solve many design, startup, and commissioning problems.

Sage spent the first 15 years within the automation industry on the controls side of manufacturing, machine building and integration, involved in processes that ranged from design to commissioning. Over the last 15 years, his primary role was in automation distribution, with a focus managing sales, automation, and new business development teams.

Sage says his success comes from listening to client challenges and wrapping an SEW-based solution around those needs.

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