Hannover Messe in 2016: 5 reasons to attend

Five reasons American manufacturing engineers, manager or executive ought to attend Hannover Messe.

By Jack Nehlig November 3, 2015

The industrial global village has its city center, and it’s in Hanover, Germany.Each year more than 250,000 of the world’s brightest technical talents gather at Hanover Messe, to advance the art of worldwide manufacturing. And you should be there too!

As the U.S. leader of Phoenix Contact, I have learned first-hand the value of an annual pilgrimage to Hannover Messe each April. And because of its importance to the manufacturing world, we annually host a select group of our customers and distributors to share the excitement that the Hannover Messe experience provides.

So in the spirit of sharing, here are my five reasons American manufacturing engineers,manager or executive ought to attend Hannover Messe:

1.) A one-stop shop

It truly is a global gathering of the world’s manufacturing industry. Nowhere else can you experience such a comprehensive display of companies in one place.And this is no slimmed down U.S. trade show. The companies that exhibit have expansive booths with in-depth product displays, and are staffed by their best and brightest.

2.) It’s a manufacturing innovation fashion show

Just as Paris is the place where the trendiest clothing fashions debut each year,Hannover Messe is where the industrial world puts its latest fashions on display.It’s no secret that Germany is a world leader in manufacturing technology, so there’s no better place to hold a manufacturing innovations fashion show.Companies take great pride in displaying their "Next Big Things" for the first time,and actively compete for the Hermes Award, given to the best innovations of the year.

3.) Connections for export

This is a great benefit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with limited resources. Since Hannover Messe is a global gathering, it is easy to make connections with like-minded companies and channel partners looking for expansion. And it is not just EU connections; people from Asia and Latin America flock to the show as well.

4.) Learning

While you can certainly learn about new products through first-hand visits to the thousands of exhibitors’ booths, you can also attend many educational events focused on the newest industry trends. Of course this year, the hot topics of Industry 4.0, and the Industrial Internet of Things will be on full display. So confirm a hunch, learn more about a technology, or simply scout out your competition! Nothing beats first-hand interactive learning.

5.) The energy

It only takes once and you’re hooked! Each year I attend the fair and come home excited about being in a technology career, and excited about the future of manufacturing. The icing on the cake is that Germany is a beautiful country, and the people of Germany are gracious hosts. And did I mention the best beer in the world?

So I hope these reasons have been enough to convince you to attend Hannover Messe this year. But there is one more for 2016! The U.S. is going to be the Partner Country,which means special attention will be given to American industry trends and the re-emerging manufacturing environment in the U.S.

And a last bit of advice—book your tickets and hotels early. The most convenient accommodations go fast, so if I’ve convinced you, I’d act now.

Jack Nehlig is president of Phoenix Contact USA, a partner with CFE Media forHannover Messe 2016.