Energy efficient LV transformer

By Plant Engineering Staff December 5, 2006

Lean Power energy efficient low-voltage transformers reduce energy consumption and costs for end users, while also addressing the impending federal government mandate requiring that all transformers manufactured after Jan. 1, 2007, meet new standards for increased energy efficiency. Features include easy installation as well as a 3-inch clearance from ventilated openings instead of 6 inches, which reduces the distance from the wall to the front of the device by 3 inches. The transformer has expanded wiring compartments, decreased weight, minimized clearance requirements and terminals sized to handle lug kits equivalent to other Square D products.

Coil and core losses have been reduced, which increase energy efficiency. They meet NEMA Standard TP1 table 4-2 for energy efficiency, and are available from 15 kVA through 1,000 kVA. They have 200% neutral and feature 150 C temperature rise and a 220 C UL-listed insulation system. The expanded wiring compartments allow for bending radius of 250% for primary cables and flexibility on secondary cables.

Schneider Electric — Square D