Electrical insulation market expected to double in next decade

The market for electrical insulating materials is expected to grow to more than $20 billion over the next decade due to high industry demand.

By Future Market Insights June 1, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology

Electrical insights

  • By 2033, it is anticipated the electrical insulating materials market will exceed $20 billion at a CAGR of more than 6%.
  • An increase in the need for electrical insulating materials that are lightweight and efficient in terms of energy is stimulating the market.

By 2033, the market for electrical insulating materials is expected to grow from $10.70 billion to $20.28 billion. Sales of electrical insulating materials will likely increase as they are used in more machines, gadgets and pieces of equipment in the electrical and electronics industry.

Demand from the electrical, electronics industries is growing

Materials used in electric motor insulation offer resistance to electric current. Techniques used to insulate electric motors include insulation of the wire, the slot and phase, the winding, the sleeve, and the winding leads.

The thermal properties of the insulating materials used in electric motors are categorized globally. Class A insulating materials include cotton, silk, and paper. While class B insulating materials include things like asbestos, glass fiber, and mica. Mica, porcelain, glass, and quartz are examples of materials used in class C insulation.

Electronics are crucial elements of contemporary civilization that support survival or smooth functioning. Electronic devices that are shockproof must be made using electrical insulating materials. This covers electric vehicles, televisions, washers, phones, and other equipment. The expanding EV sectors have a direct influence on market growth since insulation is needed in cables, batteries, and other products.

Electrical insulating materials are in greater demand across a range of sectors, including construction, transportation, medicine, electronics, and manufacturing. The ability to shockproof electrical equipment, as well as the ability to produce goods that adhere to benchmark standards. Because of this, it is anticipated that the global market for electrical insulating materials would grow over the forecast period.

Technological development and current events impact

The industry is moving towards sustainable development thanks to ongoing research and development projects taking place all around the world. To guarantee the wise and effective use of resources. Due to these factors, there may be a rise in the need for renewable energy and therefore for insulating materials like HVDC cable and others.

Competitive analysis

Leading players in the market for electrical insulation materials are concentrating on strategic business partnerships and increasing their manufacturing capabilities. In addition, companies are stepping up their R&D efforts to develop more flexible electrical insulating materials. Manufacture superior insulating products with reduced power losses.


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