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By Plant Engineering Staff November 11, 2002

Job Center
Manufacturing.Net users have easy access to over 13,000 up-to-date job listings in the United States alone. Our search is powered by the Monster Board, one of the largest and most comprehensive job search engines on the Web.

You can search for a job, post a resume on-line, or post a job listing. Support questions are best directed towards the Monster Board, as we do not host the job board on our servers.

We also offer access to the latest job-related news from the manufacturing industry, links to salary surveys from partner web sites, and more.

Training Center
Manufacturing.Net’s training marketplace enables users to find and buy courses and products from 1,200 providers of skills training and professional education. It also offers personalized and quick access to the most comprehensive and current offering of training programs and products for manufacturing professionals at a single site; standard course offerings and quotes for customized training via THINQ’s RFP Exchange; customer support (online and telephone) at each stage of the ordering process; and order confirmation within 24 hours.

For more information on how to use the Training Center, go to the Training Center and click on the ‘Using the Training Center’ link.