Axeda to partner with SyTech

By Plant Engineering Staff September 21, 2005

SyTech Inc., a provider of automated report generation and data analysis software, announced will partner with Axeda Systems, a provider of Device Relationship Management (DRM) and supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) software and services. SyTech Inc. is to rebrand its XLReporter product as WizReport XL for Axeda.

Emmanuel Vitrac, Marketing Director at Axeda, says “WizReport XL will be our primary solution for any application involving compliance, maintenance, production or performance reporting.With Microsoft Excel at its core, a native historical interface to Wizcon, standard interfaces such as OPC and ODBC, advanced automated scheduling, Web publishing, PDF conversion and emailing, WizReport XL makes light work of the most complex reporting requirement.”

The newly branded report writer is designed specifically for Axeda customers in markets with reporting requirements such as building automation and facility management, cooling & refrigeration, water & waste, power & energy and large infrastructure management.Companies in these markets increasingly rely on professional reporting and analysis tools for more efficient asset utilization, energy usage optimization, or simply for regulatory compliance.