2023 Engineering Leader Under 40: Nick Gigliotti, 30

Nick Gigliotti, Group Manager, Customer Success Management (EMEA), Seeq, Seattle

By Control Engineering September 11, 2023

Nick Gigliotti, 30
Group Manager, Customer Success Management (EMEA)

Nick is an integral part of the Seeq team, internally and externally. From his technical expertise and domain knowledge of the chemicals industry to his interpersonal communication and relationship-building skills, Nick has helped Seeq land new and grow existing business. He plays a key role in Seeq’s culture, fostering a collaborative environment by providing best practices across the customer success department and leading his team as a group manager. Externally, Nick serves as the face of Seeq for many customers — engaging with key stakeholders and presenting and authoring content to help users gain more value from Seeq.

Fun fact: Nick recently started improving his chess skills by attending chess classes and joining a weekly over-the-board chess club in his hometown.

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