2017 Engineering Leader Under 40: Nicholas Lang, 35

Manager of Advanced Technology, Siemens, Norwood, Ohio

By CFE Media September 14, 2017

Nicholas Lang, 35

Manager of Advanced Technology, Siemens, Norwood, Ohio

BS Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati

Nick is a team player in every aspect of his life. In his free time, he enjoys brewing beer, hiking, and gardening, all of which allow interactions with others while being relaxing at the same time. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, he chose a career in engineering because he enjoys finding solutions to the world’s problems. Currently, he is the Manager of Advanced Technology at Siemens. He has showed leadership in this role by leading a group of specialized engineering experts in implementing advanced computer simulation methods and 3D printing among other leading technologies. Additionally, Nick holds 16 U.S. patents in key engineering areas related to ac induction motors. For his efforts, he has twice been recognized for a U.S. Excellence Team award as well as a Divisional Top Team award. Nick is proficient in German, which further supports his ability to work globally and solve complex engineering problems at Siemens and beyond. 

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