Safety & PPE

Safety & PPE February 21, 2023

Select the right PPE to take control of electrical risks

Employers and employees must ensure proper personal protective equipment is in use to keep workers safe and lower risk.

By Tom Pitts
Steel Conduit protects against fire and explosion and ideal in high-risk areas like gas stations, grain elevators and refineries.
Safety & PPE February 14, 2023

Why you should consider using steel conduit and tubing

Steel conduit is a versatile and safe wiring method to choose when building commercial and industrial buildings.

By Dale Crawford
Safety & PPE February 1, 2023

Plant Engineering most-viewed content, January 2023

Read the best content in January 2023 including: safety, pumps, conveyor jams, IIoT, UPS, energy and more

By Christina Miller
Safety & PPE January 30, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: January 23-29, 2023

The top 5 Plant Engineering content from the past week covered safety, pumps and arc flashes. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Christina Miller
Safety & PPE January 23, 2023

Addressing electrical safety hazards

Considering newer products and technologies can improve personnel safety, especially when combined with a “design for safety” approach and appropriate automation.

By Marty Kronz
Building safety into a plant’s design is much less expensive than retrofitting a risky environment, reducing construction costs, lost production, and potential liability. Choosing the right non-slip surface materials helps avoid these issues. This photo shows high-traction flooring tiles installed in an automotive manufacturing plant.
Safety & PPE January 4, 2023

Preventing slips, falls during plant design process

Slips and falls are a major source for workplace injuries, but companies can get ahead by putting plant floor safety up front and picking a walking surface that can withstand tough conditions as well as wear and tear.

By William Davidson
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Safety & PPE January 3, 2023

Selecting the best drainage systems for food and beverage processing

Picking the right drainage system for a food and beverage processing facility can have many long-term benefits. Five tips are highlighted.

By Joseph Bove
OSHA requires that “any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury” be equipped with appropriate risk reduction measures.
Safety & PPE December 12, 2022

Health and Safety Regulation: What to do if you are issued an OSHA citation

What a citation is and what it means

By Matthew J. Clutter
Safety & PPE November 30, 2022

Connected device vulnerability index released

Velta Technology's Connected Devices Vulnerability (CDV) index measures the relative security status of all connected devices within an industrial environment.

By Velta Technology
Courtesy: Cementex Products, New Products for Engineers Database
Safety & PPE November 14, 2022

Understanding the importance of PPE and high-visibility clothing for engineers

High-visibility clothing can make an engineer more visible to others.

By Nick Warrick