V-TYPE Lever Series

May 31, 2023

Mencom introduces the innovative V-TYPE lever for rectangular connectors in response to the increasingly diverse and specialized performance requirements for securing the connections against severe vibration in harsh manufacturing environments. The V-TYPE lever distinguishes itself from other types of levers due to its unique closing mechanism consisting of two hinged elements that are pivoted on the housing. This composite movement allows the levers to move over the pins on the housing with an initial rotational movement and push down to engage the locking mechanism, which results in a tight seal with a high degree of protection (IP66/IP67/IP69 according to EN 60529).

Constructed of stainless steel, the V-TYPE lever features a secure latch to prevent unintentional release, and the lack of plastic parts provides several benefits including increased durability against impact, corrosion from oil, chemicals, and high temperatures. Their distinct vertical pressure-based locking mechanism greatly minimizes friction on the pegs, resulting in reduced wear and substantially enhanced longevity, even with frequent use. Thanks to its spring-free, compact, and sturdy design, it is well-suited for industrial applications constrained by limited space and vibrations. This secure locking mechanism prevents accidental opening as well, particularly in situations where connectors are installed vertically and the weight of the heavy cable installed on the bottom could force the lever to open.

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