Slip Resistant Metal Flooring

September 27, 2021

SLIPNOT® safety flooring and surface technologies reduces more than 90% of slips and falls and create more confident workspaces for employees. When applied to flooring, ladders, grates and more, SLIPNOT’s patented anti-slip coating creates safe, high-traction surfaces for nearly every industrial and commercial space, including food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer goods manufacturing plants. The patented, high-friction coating provides durability, ease-of-maintenance, reduced downtime and lost workdays in harsh, 24/7 operating environments. Its unparalleled bond to metal surfaces makes it virtually impossible to slip and fall even with the toughest oil, chemical or water spills.-Performs more than 10% longer than most other products and offers the lowest total cost of ownership.-Provides a maximum bond strength of more than 4,000 psi. SLIPNOT surface technologies are the most durable, slip-resistant product available.-Are compatible with stainless steel, steel and aluminum to create surfaces that are durable yet lightweight.-Offered with coatings in 3 grades, 3 alloys, 4 finishes, various color and design considerations. Manufactured in the U.S., SLIPNOT technologies exceed all wet and dry coefficient of friction recommendations and standards set by: OSHA, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI). NSFI has also certified SLIPNOT stainless steel material as High Traction.

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