Self-Clean Package Retrofit

February 1, 2024

Lead Oxide reduces the equipment’s ability to dry and requires increased temperatures to perform to specifications. By returning the conveyor belt through the bottom of the lower supply duct with this retrofit, the duct remains clean and clear of lead oxide build up. This also eliminates the need to physically clean the lower duct doors individually.


ITS’ simple Self-Cleaning Retrofit for Existing conveyor belt ovens

and Flashdrying Ovens is safer, saves time, money, and energy.

The Retrofit Package Includes:

·     Reduction in oven temperatures by up to 60°F

·     Reduces facility energy and maintenance costs

·     Quality of production improved due to consistency of temperature

·     Conveyor belt returned below the oven

·     Reduces energy consumption

·     Reduces the time required to perform maintenance

·     Enhanced Employee Safety

·     Reduction in airborne lead oxide particles with optional vacuum connection

·     Custom Engineered Kit ensures existing system architecture and operation are retained

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