PISTA VIO Grit Removal Chamber

February 14, 2024

Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the PISTA VIO Grit Removal Chamber, featuring a versatile chamber design that brings S&L’s industry-leading grit removal performance to tight spaces with unique layout requirements. The innovative design of the PISTA VIO, which stands for Variable Inlet Outlet, provides the ability to arrange the inlet and outlet channels at any angle up to the full 360° of the chamber.

The PISTA VIO achieves 95% grit removal efficiency of particles down to 100 microns in size, across all flow conditions. Its flow maximizer baffle and tunnel system create an effective vortex flow pattern, while the effluent flume counteracts the weir effect, significantly reducing grit bypass. With a 5:1 turndown capability, the PISTA VIO delivers exceptional performance and reliability during low-flow, average daily and peak flow conditions without derating.

All advanced PISTA models deliver unmatched performance thanks to Smith & Loveless’s proprietary baffled vortex grit chamber designs. The unique chamber geometry and internal baffling induces a true forced vortex flow pattern causing grit to be hydraulically swept along the floor toward the center opening to the lower collection/storage hopper. This state-of-the-art design leads to superior performance of PISTA vortex grit chambers compared to conventional sloped-floor designs which rely on less efficient particle settling.

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