PetroPad Smart Polymer Spill Pad

April 6, 2023

Justrite PetroPad Smart Polymer Spill Pads are uniquely designed to absorb and permanently solidify hydrocarbons like oil, diesel and gas. The exclusive blend of polymers found in the PetroPad safely transform hazardous hydrocarbons from incidental spills and leaks into a non-hazardous solid. The medium PetroPad 83984 measures 27.2 in W x .63 in D x 35.4 in H (69 cm W x 1.6 cm D x 90 cm H) with a capacity of up to 2.8 gal (10.5 l).

Reusable, portable, washable and easy to dispose, the PetroPad is the most flexible and cost-efficient solution for the safe handling and the disposal of hazardous hydrocarbon waste. Rainwater flows through the absorbent pad while permanently solidifying hydrocarbons into a non-toxic solid, helping reduce harmful environmental pollution. The PetroPad is TCLP leachate test and EPA Paint Filter Test (9095B) compliant.

Safe and Portable Spill Containment Solution

The PetroPad uses a smart polymer embedded in a geotextile fabric. This innovative technology quickly absorbs and solidifies hydrocarbons, trapping the pollutants inside the pad. This prevents the outflow of uncontaminated water to run through it, reducing the volume of pollution and hazardous waste for disposal.

The medium PetroPad model 83984 can contain up to 2.8 gallons of hydrocarbons, making it an ideal incidental spill solution for small mobile generators, pumps and maintenance and repairs. Its robust construction and durable materials stand up to rough handling and treatment.

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