May 23, 2023

KROHNE, a manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation, announces the release of its OPTISWITCH 6700, their newest Capacitance Level Switch. The OPTISWITCH 6700 offers the same point-level detection of liquids and solids as their previous models, now with 10-Link communication. Offering high- and low-level detection, the OPTISWITCH 6700 is ideal for overfill and dry-level protection.

The OPTISWITCH 6700’s double output can be individually programmed to monitor different processes or media, making it an ideal solution for adhesives and difficult products, as detection is not affected by product build-up, foam, or condensation. Additionally, this switch offers maintenance-free function with an optimal sensor shape for cleaning.

With the ability to monitor CIP and SIP cleaning processes, media separation, clogged or blocked pipes, moisture levels, and offer dry run protection, this level switch is ideal for point-level detection of food and pharmaceutical products. 

The OPTISWITCH 6700 is highly customizable, offering a wide range of available hygienic adapters, the potential to add a sliding connection for tanks with thicker walls and insulation, and an alternate sensor version complete with reverse-threaded G¾ connection, enabling low level detection from the top of the tank.

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