Model 204 PermaStream Process Analyzer

February 7, 2023

KECO introduces the Model 204 PermaStream Process Analyzer that provides real-time measurement of VOC leaks in clean or dirty water. More economical and accurate than lab analyzers prone to analytical errors, the KECO 204 precisely measures total VOCs including aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons without false high readings or high alarms associated with UV fluorescence methods. 


Requiring no filters or liquid sample conditioning, the 204 PermaStream strips hydrocarbons as water samples continuously flows through it. Carrier air sweeps hydrocarbons at a rate of 200 ml/min to an advanced VOC sensor for quantitative analysis in ppb, ppm, or “up to” saturation levels. KECO’s PermaStream membrane technology creates an ultra-clean sample for the VOC sensor that has an average life of 5 to 10 years. No costly consumables are needed for analysis.


The sensor quantities and displays values on a full color touch-screen HMI system, through a 4-20mA output loop or via RS-485, TCP/IP Ethernet, and Modbus. The analyzer offers remote and web-based monitoring along with optional concentration relay alarms and diagnostic/fault alarms providing better control over operations.  


This ultra-low maintenance, solid state analyzer is ideal for use in the chemical, environmental, gas processing, refinery, and wastewater treatment industries in monitoring environmentally-harmful VOCs in holding ponds, cooling tower water, produced water, storm runoff water, building water discharge, effluent

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