Microcrane M1 Model

January 6, 2018

The Microcrane is a portable, compact pick and carry, battery powered hydraulic mini crane designed to fit through doorways and inside elevators and trucks for easy transport, yet unfolds to boom 20 ft. height, and can lower loads 13 stories from a rooftop. Our highly mobile hoist/mini cranes are easy to move from job to job and nimble enough to function on rooftops, or move easily on floor-to-floor jobs. The modern, versatile M1 Global Model uses patented counter weight and outrigger systems while utilizing a convenient, compact footprint. This efficient design allows our cranes to fit through tight doorways, inside elevators, and into tight spaces, aisles, hallways and narrow access platforms for difficult angles or confined areas with obstacles.

Easily transported between jobs using an elevator, truck, or van our patented base structure folds out easily to function as either a stationary floor crane or mini roof crane. Designed to both safely pick up and carry loads, they are environmentally friendly with zero emissions and low sound levels. Our portable mobile hoists are made to lift, drop, drag, pull, tug, transport, carry, stack, move, shift, install, hold and set materials and heavy loads in any situation.

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