KIRA B 50 Autonomous Scrubber

April 2, 2024

The Kärcher KIRA B 50 autonomous floor scrubber is a practical addition to any cleaning team. Intelligently, autonomously and with the functionality of a floor scrubber, it takes on cleaning for medium to large areas efficiently and with consistent cleaning results, therefore relieving pressure on the cleaning team, who can instead focus on more higher value tasks. Intuitive user guidance with a large touch display allows the robot to be set up quickly, without the need for any expert knowledge.

The optional docking station facilitates fully autonomous working, including filling with fresh water, emptying dirty water, rinsing the tank and charging the long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery. One roller brush head pre-sweeps and scrubs in a single work step, while the integrated side brush eliminates the need for manual edge cleaning. High-performance sensors and software ensure navigation is reliable, collisions are safely prevented and obstacles avoided. For the purposes of documentation and monitoring, the KIRA B 50 sends status messages to mobile devices and creates detailed cleaning reports in the corresponding web portal.

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