IP69 rated signal tower

March 20, 2023

PATLITE U.S.A., a global leader in visual and audible machine signaling, announced the addition of IP69K-rated options to its renowned product collection. This new IP69K-rated line includes alternatives to its popular and flagship LR signal towers series and its compact NE signal beacons line. These IP69K products meet the most stringent IP69K intrusion protection rating that is dustproof and waterproof to high-temperature, high-pressure and steam-jet washdowns.

PATLITE’s new IP69K-rated products excel in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where stricter hygiene controls are required in environments where equipment must be carefully sanitized to function correctly. Easy installation is made possible with an M12 connector that comes standard in both models, saving valuable man-hours for streamlined connectivity in any factory configuration. These new IP69K products comply with several major standards/regulations worldwide (CE, UL, FCC roHS and more) for safe and use in any workplace.

Similar to its non-IP69K counterparts, the LR tower light option can be customized for curated signaling, while the NE compact beacon option comes standard with a multi-color display of seven illumination colors for flexible notifications.

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