September 12, 2022

Product Overview:

Keyence Corp of America has released the next evolution of safety door interlocks. Building on the features found in the GS Series interlocks, the GS-M’s innovative hybrid style combines the safety of a locking type interlock (500/900 N locking force) and the simplicity of a non-contact interlock, with the bonus of a built-in magnetic catch.

Alignment Benefits:

The GS-M Series is designed specifically to address the most frustrating issues related to door interlocks, including misalignment due to door sag and machine vibration. Its flush design, large actuator, and built-in spring combine to provide a level of forgiveness and flexibility not seen in conventional interlocks. Furthermore, dedicated units for sliding and hinged doors (from small access panels to full body doors) further ensure alignment and simplify mounting.

Additional Features:

With its highly visible indicator lights and small footprint, the physical design of the GS-M clearly stands out among other door interlocks on the market today. The GS-M can also mount directly to the machine frame through its dedicated brackets, eliminating the need to fabricate a custom mounting setup.


The GS-M is the latest addition to an impressive family of door interlocks. The new GS-M provides many of the most valued features of the GS Series (locking types and non-contact types), including a compact design, highly visible indicators, high IP ratings and impressive alignment forgiveness.

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