G6 Single-Gas Detector

October 17, 2023

G6 is a connected single-gas detector that uses instant cloud connectivity and location technology to help companies better protect their workers in industrial environments where exposure to toxic gases and hazards are common risks.

G6 now features the same real-time connectivity as the company’s G7 product line. Additional new features include an emergency SOS that workers can trigger in critical situations to get help, and an expanded suite of data and reporting analytics. The device also supports indoor location technology. The company has introduced two new service plans, which bundle new features to fit within any safety program.

Supporting H2S, CO, O2 or SO2 gas detection, G6 alerts the person when they have come into contact with gas—using attention-getting lights, sounds and vibrations—and sends immediate notifications to emergency contacts. In a situation where gas has rendered a worker unconscious, these notifications coupled with the new SOS functionality can be life-saving both for the down worker and for others in the area.

G6 is powered by the company’s Blackline Live and Blackline Analytics platforms. Usage and compliance analytics enable companies to gain insights into when and where devices are being used and alerts occur, allowing them to address issues before they become dangerous and optimize their safety programs.

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