Fast Trak

June 1, 2021

Fast Trak is a pre-fabricated bracket and track system offering speed, flexibility, and efficient use of space, for the suspension of electrical containment, piping, ductwork, and other mechanical services in Construction. The Fast Trak system consists of a horizontal bracket, with push-in latches on the ends, that slides up two vertical tracks to lock into place at any height. Horizontal brackets are available in pre-cut ready-to-use lengths from 9in. up to 61in., and vertical tracks are available in pre-cut ready-to-use lengths of 8in. up to 59in. to accommodate drops of up to 5ft in length. Fast Trak brackets have attachment capability on all 4 sides, with the open channel being compatible with standard strut accessories, and the three other sides compatible with Gripple Quick Twist Clamps, Cable Basket Clips, and other “twist-on” accessories. The pre-galvanized mild steel tracks and brackets are manufactured in Sheffield, England by Gripple Ltd., and one trapeze is load rated for up to 650 lbs for Mechanical & Plumbing applications, or 440 lbs for Electrical applications. Fast Trak is UL 2239 listed, ICC-ESR-4622 approved, IAPMO approved, MFMA compliant, Division of State Architect (DSA) compliant, and Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD) compliant.

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