Enterprise resource planning platform for small and mid-market manufacturers

January 1, 2015

Cetec ERP is a highly practical web-based enterprise resource planning platform built for small and mid-market manufacturing companies. It is designed to help SMB manufacturers efficiently manage all aspects of their manufacturing company and solve their most difficult challenges unique to a manufacturing environment. It is built on modern/innovative technology, which positions its customers to successfully transform their business, become resilient as a company, and grow efficiently. An enterprise-caliber ERP solution provided at an approachable price point, Cetec ERP’s streamlined, transparent and straightforward model makes for a fast and affordable implementation.

It provides a low barrier of entry to ERP for manufacturers that perpetually adds value to manufacturers with modern technology, user friendly interfaces, real-time data, strong cost accounting, and a fully integrated workflow. Cetec ERP is making ERP accessible to any manufacturer looking to run their business the right way As an all-in-one, web-native cloud ERP platform, Cetec ERP is simple, nimble, user-friendly, flexible and robust with a deep feature-set built for manufacturing. The solution includes modules and functionality for complex BOMs, sales and job costing, inventory control and traceability, mobile warehouse, procurement and supply chain management, scheduling and capacity planning, shop floor management, quality assurance, document management and control, accounting and open APIs for easy integration to any other software.

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