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Are you getting the most out of your pressure measurements?

This eBook discusses pressure measurement as one of the most fundamental pieces of oil and gas process data.

By Yokogawa
Automation, Controls May 3, 2017

Network-based control system update for oil, chemical applications

Yokogawa's updated Stardom network-based control system supports Microsoft Windows 10 and has been enhanced for oil and gas well and pipeline operations.

By Yokogawa
Automation, Controls October 18, 2016

Digital remote sensor for measuring liquid levels

Yokogawa's EJXC40A digital remote sensor is a differential pressure transmitter that is equipped with two pressure sensors and is designed for process manufacturing applications such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation.

By Yokogawa
Automation, Controls October 16, 2016

Coriolis mass flowmeter and transmitter series

Yokogawa's Rotamass Total Insight (TI) series of Coriolis mass flowmeters and transmitters are designed for process industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and foods.

By Yokogawa
AI & Machine Learning March 2, 2016

Plant resource manager for data monitoring

Yokogawa Electric's version R3.30 of its plant resource manager (PRM) software tool for the centralized management of large amounts of data and includes a management function for HART and enhancements to the navigation function.

By Yokogawa
December 24, 2015

Tunable diode laser spectrometer

Yokogawa's TDLS8000 tunable diode laser spectrometer is designed to make in-situ measurements of gas concentrations for the the oil and gas, petrochemical, electric power, and steel industries.

By Yokogawa
Manufacturing IT September 23, 2015

Digital sensor measurement system for process applications

Yokogawa's SensTation digital sensor measurement system is a scalable and integrated solution designed to eliminate the need for a transmitter and is designed for process industries such as oil, petrochemical, water and wastewater treatment.

By Yokogawa
Mechanical & Electrical February 9, 2015

Companies collaborate to provide cyber security solutions for oil plants

Yokogawa and Cisco are collaborating to deliver Shell's SecurePlant initiative, which SecurePlant is a security management solution for plant control systems. This is scheduled to be implemented over the next three years at around 50 Shell plants globally.

By Yokogawa
Mechanical & Electrical November 24, 2014

New version of one of the longest running DCS platforms

Yokogawa releases Centum VP R6.01 integrated production control system with major new features.

By Yokogawa
Automation, Controls November 7, 2014

Software management program for managing field devices

Yokogawa's FieldMate Versatile Device Management Wizard R3.01 is a software program for configuring, adjusting, and managing a wide variety of field devices used in factories and other production sites and is useful for routine maintenance tasks.

By Yokogawa
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