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Workforce Development March 1, 2000

Breaking down boundaries: Time to integrate plant engineering into the supply chain

What does supply chain management (SCM) mean? If you direct this question to someone in the corporate boardroom, manufacturing, distribution or information technology, the answer would sound something like this: "It is about the seamless flow of goods from supplier to customer. It includes all business entities or links in the production and distribution of goods. It seeks to optimize the flow of goods in the supply chain by fostering collaboration and integration between each link in the chain." If you ask plant engineering the same question, you might get a similar answer.

By Tom Singer
Mobility January 1, 2000

Crystal ball gazing in the new millennium: Looking at the future of CMMS/EAM

There is something about January 1, 2000, that makes us want to peer into the future. When it comes to information systems, 5-10 yr is about as far ahead as mere mortals can see.

By Tom Singer
Workforce Development November 1, 1999

Mobile computing enters maintenance mainstream

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and enterprise asset management systems (EAMS) are marvelous tools. They provide a wealth of information to maintenance departments to better manage and execute mission-critical activities.

By Tom Singer
System Integration September 1, 1999

Web solutions making maintenance e-commerce a reality

Many of the e-commerce commercials out there today have both entertainment and educational value. I especially like those from IBM that portray supply chain problems being solved by IBM's electronic commerce solutions.

By Tom Singer
Workforce Development July 1, 1999

Best of breed, best of enterprise: Integrating CMMS and ERP

Implementing a "best of breed" solution that integrates a CMMS with enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions is a complex, multifaceted task.

By Tom Singer
Asset Management May 1, 1999

Touring NPEM 1999: Information technologies for maintenance management show promise, innovation

Because in part it coincides with the end of winter, I always look forward to attending National Manufacturing Week and the National Plant Engineering and Management Show at Chicago's McCormick Place.

By Tom Singer
Asset Management March 1, 1999

Foretelling your plant’s Y2K future: Who they gonna call? Maintenance, of course

The end of the first millennium found many Europeans predicting the end of the world. Surely a thousand years was enough. The Second Coming would coincide with the advance of the calendar into 1000 A.D.

By Tom Singer
Asset Management January 1, 1999

Are you using all the features of your CMMS? Following this 7-step plan can help uncover new benefits

It never ceases to amaze me how most maintenance departments underutilize their CMMS packages. I realize that this statement may seem a bit unfair at first.

By Tom Singer
Asset Management March 1, 1998

Breaking with tradition: tap into the internet to maximize your CMMS

No topic is hotter in the information technology arena than the internet. Industry experts discuss its impact on the computing world. Trade journals feature articles on internet solutions and products.

By Tom Singer
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