Samantha Mou

As a Research Analyst based in China that contributes to Interact Analysis, Samantha Mou provides support in the Industrial Automation sector. Mou brings with her a master’s degree in Economics, and has experience, whilst working in Germany, conducting market research in Industrial Equipment and Automobile Components.


Gears and Bearings September 28, 2023

Geared motors and industrial gear market continues savings

The global geared motors and industrial gears market is expected to experience a significant slowdown in growth.

By Samantha Mou
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Energy Efficiency & Management October 19, 2022

Energy topics are impacting industrial gearbox market

The energy crisis and increasing fuel and raw material prices are triggering stronger demand for geared products used in power generation, which conflicts with following energy conservation and emission reduction acts.

By Samantha Mou
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