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Rueben Scriven, senior analyst, Interact Analysis. He is one of the warehouse automation industry’s leading analysts and is a regular speaker at leading industry events.


Plant Automation February 7, 2023

De-mystifying the warehouse execution system market

The execution layer is used to avoid congested areas of the warehouse and can improve operations, but it is important to know what a warehouse execution system (WES) is.

By Rueben Scriven
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 August 29, 2022

Four potential risks warehouse automation vendors face

Warehouse automation vendors must find alternative ways to avoid these risk in an uncertain economy

By Rueben Scriven
Warehouse automation product launches from integrators by product type by integrator in 2021.
HMI, OI November 16, 2021

Robotics and software make up 51% of new products

Robotics and software products account for the majority of product launches in 2021 according to an Interact Analysis report.

By Rueben Scriven
Cost breakdown of a 10,000 palled AS/RS
Making warehouse management efficient and better through CMMS October 25, 2021

Steel shortages and price rises impact warehouse automation sector

Pressure particularly hits on the market for fixed infrastructure solutions where steel can account for up to 83% of the overall cost

By Rueben Scriven
Courtesy: Interroll, Interact Analysis
Plant Automation July 29, 2021

How warehouse automation business models are diverging

System integrators are looking to expand their service offering through additional network consulting and supply chain software applications, which means the automation hardware itself is becoming a smaller and smaller subset of the solution offering and is changing how companies approach the issue.

By Rueben Scriven
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