Mo Abuali, PhD and Isaac Bennett

Mo Abuali, PhD is the CEO and managing partner at IoTco, the Internet of Things company. He is a strategic and transformative technology and business management leader with a 20-year record of driving achievement and sustaining change in manufacturing. Abuali serves industrial and manufacturing clients in automotive, aerospace and defense, and others, providing digital transformation, industrial IoT (IIoT), and predictive analytics technology and services, as well as the IoT Academy for Industry 4.0 training. He has a PhD in industrial engineering and is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Cincinnati. He has worked at companies like IBM, P&G, Omron and Toyota. Isaac Bennett is the digital transformation and IT director at Wright & McGill Co., the only manufacturer of fishhooks in the U.S. He comes from an automotive manufacturing/IT background having worked as the IT director of Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS), and previously the global IT innovation manager for Maxion Wheels, both tier-1 automotive suppliers. He has worked in the IT field for nearly 20 years, where he led the automotive IT departments’ global digital transformation initiative, helping plants around the world implement smart manufacturing projects.


IIoT, Industrie 4.0 June 8, 2021

Smart manufacturing: Five strategies for smashing silos

'That’s the way we’ve always done it’ is not ‘smart manufacturing’

By Mo Abuali, PhD and Isaac Bennett
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