Ketut Putra

Ketut Putra

Ketut Putra is an IoT and automation engineer of Koidra Inc, a tech company that aims to change the industrial control industry using cutting-edge research in AI, IoT, and edge+cloud computing. Before Koidra, Ketut was a principal research investigator at the University of Michigan for the development of medical devices, specifically wireless sensors for prosthetics and orthotics. Ketut was also a lecturer on subjects of systems engineering, manufacturing processes, and automotive design. He holds a Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Michigan.


System Integration November 9, 2022

Systems integrators support end user self-service

Farm, power plant and factory control systems have operated in the same way for decades, following static hard-coded automation logic. This automation logic is typically developed during an initial project development phase and is implemented by automation engineers, as it requires a highly technical skillset.

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